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We really think that Scotland is a perfect touristic destination. Scotland is much more than whisky or Nessie - exciting though these may be - there is so much to see and do. Scotland offers world-class tourism and in Scotland tourism is the most important industry. As a Scottish company, we are glad to promote or assist in the promotion of the country beyond its own boundaries, to explain to the whole world why they should come here: dramatic landscape, intense history, ancient castles, mysterious lochs and even a lake, outdoor activities, coasts, mountain, grea food and heartwarming welcomes.


We are now member of the Tourism Cross Party at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh and we are here to stay and to contribute to bring more visitors to Scotland so Fàilte gu Alba!


Language should never be a barrier for this promotion and we are glad to help. Actually, Spanish is the first language of the world (after Chinese Madarin) with more than 360.000.000 speakers worldwide. Why not use and abuse of this factor to increase our final impact on potential visitors? Services we can provide are:


Low cost translations: Your webpage, your leaflet, catalogue or any relevant documents for your business. We are working with leading companies in translation in Spain and we are fully qualified and professional proof-readers.


Proof-reading: We can survey, assess and proof read your existing or dated Spanish promotional literature to ensure that it is reflecting current language use and fully fit for purpose in its Spanish speaking countries.


Direct promotion and sales: We know very well the Spanish speaking market and we can study your business and promote it by direct contact with tour operators and travel agents. We could contact them on your behalf offering your services or products and presenting your assets as a unique selling point.


Welcoming and guide: If you have an important Spanish speaking client group coming to visit your business, we can be there for you but speaking their language.


Language training: We can provided Spanish Courses focused on tourism and leisure for your staff or for yourself. We are covering all levels and we will design a course just for you and your business.


No jobs are too big or too small for us. We will be delighted to contribute to your business with our services, from a modest B&B to the most luxurious castle or hotel. We work to maximise your operational efficiency and we will deliver more benefits to your business.


We share the fabled dream of the Scottish King with the spider: “If at first you don't succeed - try, try and try again”. So Please, contact us!


Tourism Interactive Brochure

A wee example of the services we can provide to touristic businesses operating in Scotland. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us.


Let's explore some facts:


"Only 6 % of the world's population speak English as a first language. 75 % of the world's population do not speak any English then English is not enough"


"Only 29 % of internet 'traffic' is in English language"


"Businesses which use language skills achieve on average 45 % more sales"


(Extracts from the House of Lords debate)

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