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First of all, please remember that we will send our advisor to work from your own premises. We always work from your place.


Every company is different and for this reason our approach to your business needs provide unique, tailor-made in-company solutions that suit your needs. We offer you a wide range of exclusive products and solutions at affordable prices. Quintana Associates will provide a complete service of consultancy for those companies interested in doing international business in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries. Our range of services include:


* Market Research: To make the  right market decissions you need professional research in order to fully understand your marketplace and reach an effective assesment. It is crucial to identify and modell your products to find acceptance in the chosen market. We will identify the appropriate business partners for your products on the target market, as well as any legal regulations or imports/exports requirements.


* Negotiation: To establish relialistic and success-driven objectives, working out the terms and conditions for written agreements in English but also in the target language, you need a partner you can trust. Negotiations are being conducted along two tracks:


a) Bilateral negotiations to improve market conditions for trading in the target country.


b) Multilateral negotiations among both parties, but also with local, regional and national government to follow domestic regulations and such procurements which apply to your business in the target market.


* Revitalising your business agreements: Increasing results, looking for new solutions or re negotiating working conditions is crucial to the continued growth of your business. We will provide effective after sales service to reinforce your business and its success.


* Attending exhibitions and fairs as company delegate: Reinforcing your company's impact on potential customers/partners by means of using their own language. We will act as members of your own staff, adapting ourselves to your company and product, securing your business and increasing final results.


* Translation/Interpretation: Internationalisation is key to the economic momentum at the present. You need to break down the barriers of language by communicating effectively with customers and business partners by using Spanish and Portuguese language, their language. We speak the language and we guarantee high quality, accurate and cost effective outcomes to ensure your satisfaction. We work for making the achievements of your business more accessible.


* Professional Writing, Editing and Proof Reading: Fast and professional services to ensure that your texts and documents will be reviewed to make sure that your message is expressed in good, clear and effective Spanish that can be readily appreciated by your customers. All our editors are native speakers and hold qualifications from top academic institutions.


* Training: There are more than 400 million native Spanish speakers worldwide and another 100 million second language speakers. Spanish is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. Today, is one of the essential languages in business.


We have developed specific training programmes and course material to be used in groups or in individual tuition focusing on general business, marketing, medical, pharmaceutical and environmental sciences. We follow the European Alte Frame for Languages but will always customise our courses to your needs.  Learn Spanish BUT specialise in your area! Spanish courses for current staff member or individuals interested in improving language skills cover (Spanish for business, marketing, exports and so on). Would you like a customised programme? We can do this for you.


If you want to learn strategies to negotiate with success in the Spanish speaking markets we can provide seminars about exports, regulations and business behaviours. Whatever your development ambitions in this area, we can do this for you!


Small or large, your request will be met with expert advice, individual attention and innovative customised solutions. Contact us and discover all we have to offer. Quintana Associates, we deliver what you need!

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