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Welcome to Stirling en español (Stirling in Spanish), a Spanish program for children and teenagers of all ages and levels. We are an eclectic educational group of professional teachers with passion for teaching Spanish to the younger generations.

We believe in the importance of acquiring a second language but also that the easiest way to do so is during the first years of childhood. We are committed to your children learning Spanish at the same time as they develop their social, emotional, physical, and cognitive skills.


Our Spanish courses will allow your children to learn the language in a natural way while playing surrounded by intense verbal interaction with us (teachers). We are involved in the children's structured and unstructured play to facilitate absorption of the Spanish language.


We provide equal opportunities to all children, no matter their developmental level or abilities, so that they can have access to the good quality education they deserve.


Our goal is to provide all of the children with the opportunity to learn a second language. As the world’s second most spoken language, we believe learning Spanish provides your child with a useful advantage and practical tool for the future.



Adult learning in Stirling: Spanish Language Private Tuition

We are also offering private tuition for adults who need or want to learn Spanish. We will conduct a brief interview to tailor a course that ties into any previous knowledge, goals and so on. We are not working as an academy as we do prefer to teach very small groups or individuals in their own environments, although we can work in our own premises.


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